Circulatory Problems

Q & A Video about Circulatory Problems

Circulatory Problems, Local or Minor (c.f. Poor Circulation): THE main Osteopathic principle is ‘ The role of the Artery is supreme’.

Here we mainly talk about fluid, from arterial, venous, lymphatic, interstitial, and cerebro-spinal. Human beings are made up of 71% Water! Note here the similar proportion to the land mass on earth and the ocean expanse!

A lot of the Pain process is to do with the decrease in the perfusion (blood supply) of the tissue involved. The drainage of the waste product from metabolism and inflammatory process would accumulate locally and irritate even more the nerve endings, causing pain. Hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the tense tissue leads to irritation of the nervous system, leading to pain…. As you can see, the freer coming and going of blood in a tissue the better its functioning and the least pain. Osteopathy is a great therapy to deal with fluid. The articulation, gapping of joints, inhibition of tight muscles, and High Velocity Thrust (HVTs / ‘Cracks’) tend to help drain the excess fluid of inflammation, and increases the perfusion of tight muscles, just to name only a few effect from our treatments.

A lot of research on vaso-motion and certain manual therapy modality of treatments have showed a positive effect on the blood supply.