Back Pain & Lumbago

This is the most common complaint that osteopaths deal with in their everyday practice.

Thanks to our thorough case history taking, we do make sure that this back pain is not to do with an underlying pathological process. Osteopaths frequently refer patients to their doctors in order to exclude pathology.

In my everyday practice I tend to sometimes approach your BACK from the FRONT! Yes indeed there is a front to your back. Postural diagnosis gives us an idea where is the strain coming from. Several very influential muscle groups are actually located in front of the spine, mainly in the neck and the lower back. Also thanks to Visceral Osteopathy I am able to address organs and their relationship with my patients’ back, especially in case of referred pain patterns that involves different parts of the body according to the organ that is involved.

This does not mean that pathological processes are at play, but organs tend to play an important mechanical role in our posture, sometimes putting ‘pressure’ on to the back. Without a doubt this should be the easiest problem that an osteopath could deal with. And this is somehow the main complaint that the public will know osteopaths treat.


Or in another word: Lower Back Pain. This is a very common musculoskeletal disorder affecting 80% of people at some point in their lives, only Headaches are more common. Refer to Back Pain to read a little more about this debilitating condition that Osteopaths are indeed really good at treating.