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Because we keep you at the center of your treatment.

You understand that your mental health and physical wellbeing influences your perception of pain but you don't know how to go about integrating resources you already have...

Euphoria Osteopaths

At Euphoria, our team of qualified experienced osteopaths believe in creating simple and effective solutions to those aches and pains, bringing you a well-missed clarity in that maze to better health.

Members of The Institute of Osteopathy.

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Insured and Recognised by the best.

We find many of our patients fit into three main categories...

  1. Those who are tired of everyday aches and pains not getting better, waking up tired, stiff and weary before the day as even started!
  2. Those who have had to withdraw from everyday activities whether it is the gym, running, golf, team sports or your hobbies or even had to take time off work.
  3. Those looking for injury prevention and performance enhancement, whether it is physical or mental stress management.


We live in a golden age for physical rehabilitation, and we believe with our professional guidance we can help you take control over your goals.

Our approach is based on the 3 osteopathic principles, the science of the nervous system, a biopsychosocial model of pain as well as the experience of our patients. 

You will come away starting your journey towards a better understanding of your management of pain and its limitations.

Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic Team

About Euphoria

We all work together and have the same mission, to empower you.

Visit our clinic

Our clinic is in the beautiful historic town of Tetbury, Gloucestershire.


The ASA released a list of conditions that we can advertise we treat.

Don't take our word for it, here's what our patients say...

Alexis treats my horse, he is fantastic at what he does! My horse is relaxed during all treatments and shows real positive progress after! Alexis is trustworthy and gives a summary after each treatment with ‘tips’ on what to do during ridden work that will compliment his treatments. 100% recommend!
zoe L.
16:43 30 Mar 21
I have received treatments at Euphoria Osteopaths for over 12 years. Alexis is a highly knowledgeable and exceptional practitioner with equally first class treatments to horses and dogs!
Sam G.
14:43 23 Jan 21
Just the best service ever, being a repeated client when having lower back problems. Once again Alexis sorted the pain and corrected the problem. Highly recommend.
Susan S.
16:08 18 Nov 20
Alexis helped hugely with a migraine problem I was having , very professional service and would highly recommend
Morgwn A.
15:43 11 Nov 20
I Truly cannot Recommend Alexis Enel enough! He has Significantly improved my quality of life after identifying the True cause of my back, hip and shoulder pain that I had endured for nearly 10 years. To be frank, he gave me my life back! After seeing a combination of 7 Practitioners prior, including X-rays and MRI scans, I had accepted my pain was here to stay. He proved this Not to be the case! He gave me clear insight into the cause of my pain and why I had been struggling for so many years, and unnecessarily so. He educated me on my health and my body, rather than simply being a bystander at the mercy of a health professional. This to be was Very important!After just 3 consultations Alexis had helped me onto a new path of recovery that I had given up on. I cannot recommend Alexis Enel enough. He is Genuinely an Amazing Practitioner who's treatment is gentle and subtle, unlike my experience of previous Osteopaths who caused me a lot of further additional pain through their brash treatment methods.He is incredibly knowledgeable in a complexity of areas which are truly inspiring and educational. He's a Great man as well as a Great Practitioner who is able to put you at ease instantly. Trust me, he is Truly and undeniably an Absolutely Awesome Osteopath!
Katherine S.
09:12 23 Oct 20
I can not rate Alexis Enel more highly!! He has treated me and my horses for years and he is fantastic! He has worked wonders with my back after a serious injury and is amazing with the trickiest of horses.
Hannah B.
20:06 19 Oct 20
Amazing friendly clean service with a smile. My back, neck and shoulders feel so much better. Long time customer and will be back again. Highly recommend.
Georgina M.
12:25 19 Oct 20
Alexis is great, always manages to fit me in when I break myself, always manages to get me back on my feet again. Can highly recommend
Elaine T.
12:21 19 Oct 20
I went to see Alexis Enel after I had a bad fall which twisted my back He fitted me in at the last minute and he worked wonders on my back in one session I cant rate him highly enough
Sara C.
19:06 02 Oct 20
I have been consulting Alex since 2011. He has helped me in fixing my back pain issues. I would definitely recommend him for any osteopathic treatments.
Shatrunjay T.
08:58 06 Jul 20
Absolutely incredible treatments provided. Having many problems I always come out of the clinic feeling so much better! Wouldn’t go to anyone else!
Sarah M.
19:35 29 Jun 20
Alexis is an excellent osteopath, his treatments are gentle but effective. He listens well and has a deep understanding of how the body works. Highly recommended.
Jude S.
16:39 26 Jun 20
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