Arthritic Pain

A lot of patients seek osteopathic treatment regarding ‘wear and tear’ related aches and pains. Osteopathic treatment has a good effect on degenerative conditions.

The more advanced the Arthritis the less response to Osteopathic treatments. Basically wear and tear is to do with an increase in the mechanical pressure through the affected joint, following overuse, mechanical trauma, age, weight gain, or and genetic predisposition.

This leads to a decrease in synovial fluid, in turn increases the wear of the cartilage layers of the joint. The reaction from the body is to tighten or shorten muscles moving this particular joint, to prevent further wear. The main side effect from this reaction leads to the Stiffness that patients report suffering from first thing in the morning or after a long rest for example.
Osteopaths use Gentle articulation, traction, gapping of joints, as well as lengthening the appropriate muscles, to decreases the pressure inside the affected joint, therefore calling for more synovial fluid. Patient often report a significant decrease in their symptoms, especially Joint Pain, after a series of osteopathic treatment.