Digestive Problems

Q & A Video about Digestive Problems

Yes, believe it or not, Osteopathic treatment can help your digestion. This might be hard to swallow (so to speak) but any type of Osteopathic approach directly or indirectly can improve your digestion.

If you suffer from functional digestive problem such as IBS, Reflux, Constipation and / or Bloating, your osteopath can Help. From a classical Osteopathy point of view, digestion is partly a mechanical process; it is well known that walking can help you if you are constipated.

The gentle articulation of the body as a whole reduces the discrepancy between both parts of the autonomic nervous system. This in turn helps with normalising the blood supply to our organs. Osteopathic manipulations of part of the spine can help restore the normal functioning of a specific organ. Also direct manipulation of organs, using Visceral Osteopathic approach, can help with their mobility with each other and with the mechanical effect they can have on the rest of the body.

Yes it has to be said that sometimes that nagging back pain has nothing to do with your back but in fact the front of it being under tension. Some musculo-skeletal aches and pains can be partly referred from specific organs, and after releasing them, your pain can dissipate.